Capital Gain Vs Yield

Like the eternal battle of good versus evil, the opinions about Capital Gain versus High Yield when it comes to property investment rage on.

Both points of view have their Pros and Cons and, in reality, there is no blanket right or wrong answer.

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Investment Strategies not Investment Products

What’s the Difference and why does it matter?

It matters, it matters a lot, and over the years I have seen literally hundreds of investors who think they are being sold a strategy when they are being sold an overpriced property disguised as a strategy.

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What you need to know about Positive Geared property

There are often two schools of thought when looking at investment property, Negative Geared or Positive Geared.

Depending on the advice you receive, your individual financial situation and the perspective of your advisor, you may opt for a negative geared investment in order to off-set a tax liability.

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Get the best deal on your next home

It’s pretty exciting – you’ve been looking around for the perfect new home, and now you’ve finally set your sights on the one you want.
This home just feels like yours. The kids have already taken dibs on their bedroom, you’ve figured out where the television will go, imagined long summer evenings in the back yard. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

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